When Your Boyfriend Compliments Another Girl: It Means?

A woman feeling sad because her boyfriend compliments other girls

When your boyfriend compliments another girl does it mean he is interested in her or he finds her more attractive than you?


You may have so many questions about why he says another girl is pretty.


You may even conclude that he doesn’t think you are attractive.


He only finds other girls beautiful but not you.


Anyway, before you conclude anything when your boyfriend compliments another girl, you first have to understand what it means.


What does it mean when your boyfriend compliments another girl?

When your boyfriend compliments another girl it means he finds her attractive and appreciates what he sees. He may be doing it to make you jealous or to motivate you to work on yourself and be like the girl he compliments.


If your boyfriend talks highly of another girl in front of you it shows that he is observant.


The fact that he talks about it around you without worrying about what you will conclude is proof that he doesn’t have bad intentions.


I know you may think that your boyfriend is interested in the woman he compliments.


What you need to understand about men is that they will always observe and look at beautiful women.


If a guy sees a woman who is attractive and smart, he will say something positive about her.


Sometimes guys may compliment another woman when you are around just to make you feel jealous.


I will talk more about that as I keep going deeper into this article.


This is why your boyfriend compliments another girl;

1. He finds her attractive or smarter.

A woman feeling sad because her boyfriend compliments other girls


Let me be frank about one thing, when a guy compliments another woman (talking positively about her physical appearance) he finds her attractive.


Your boyfriend just can’t help himself but talk positively about her because she is gorgeous.


It doesn’t mean that he thinks she is more beautiful than you. He is talking positively about her because she is just amazing in her way.


You are beautiful to him and that is why he is with you. If he didn’t think you are attractive he wouldn’t have asked you to be his girlfriend.


So, you don’t have to worry if your boyfriend says another girl is pretty.


It’s just one way of appreciating the beauty that he sees in that woman.


It doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is completely drawn to her unless you notice your boyfriend chasing her.


If he compliments her go ahead and ask for her number just to be in touch with her — your boyfriend is into her and it’s not only about appreciating her beauty.


2. He wants you to work on improving yourself.

Your boyfriend is suddenly talking highly about another woman.


He tells you how amazing the woman is and even talks about the things she does to be how she is.


It can be that the woman is smarter or more beautiful because of the effort she is putting into her body.


If your boyfriend compliments another girl and compares her to you — he wants you to start working on yourself to be better than her.


So, when he talks about how amazingly she has dressed, your boyfriend expects you to start dressing that way.


He wants you to know that he likes it when a woman dresses in a certain way and he expects you to copy that trend.


It can be that he doesn’t want to tell you directly that you need to work on improving yourself because you might conclude that he doesn’t like how you are.


But when he compliments other women, it will click in your head and you will understand how he expects you to be.


Your boyfriend is indirectly telling you, “Why don’t you work on yourself and be like the other women out here.”


So, if he compliments them and compares you to them, he wants you to be like them or better than them.


When you realize that your boyfriend likes it when a woman does makeup, you will also start using it to make him happier.


He is using other girls as an example of how he expects you to carry yourself.


3. He wants to make you jealous and insecure.

A woman frowning

When your boyfriend talks highly about other women it’s always for a positive thing.


If your boyfriend wants to make you feel jealous and insecure, he will talk about other women positively when he is around you.


He will stare at other girls and start complimenting them and shower them with praises just to make you jealous.


Your boyfriend knows that if he says other girls are prettier than you, this will hurt your feelings.


And you may end up concluding that he will start making moves on these girls he finds attractive.


This will make you a little bit jealous and overprotective. It’s what he wants to achieve.


So, when your boyfriend compliments other women and describes in depth how beautiful they are when he is around you — he wants to make you jealous.


Some men like it when their women are jealous since it intensifies the romantic connection.


It also makes them feel loved, special, and wanted. So, if your boyfriend says other women are hotter than you, it’s just a way to ignite your protective mechanism for you to start paying more attention to him.


On the other side of insecurity, your guy knows that if he starts commenting positively on the physical appearance of other women you will start thinking that you might lose him.


You will be afraid to lose him, the thought of him leaving you for someone prettier will occupy you.


This will make you feel insecure.


You may ask, what will he gain by making you feel insecure?


Some guys use this technique to make women chase them, submit to them, manipulate them and just feel great about themselves.


So, if your boyfriend is complementing another girl intending to make you chase him, don’t let it get over your head.


Don’t let the words he says about other girls occupy your mind because he might use them to hurt your feelings.


4. He wants to ruin your self-esteem.

Maybe your boyfriend finds that you are over-independent and he hates that.


He doesn’t like that you can take care of yourself emotionally.


What he wants is for you to always rely on him for your emotional support.


But since you handle yourself pretty great that hurts his feelings.


You don’t beg for his attention, you are super confident with how you look and you do you.


Your boyfriend is complimenting another girl in front of you just to make you feel low about yourself.


He wants you to conclude that you aren’t beautiful at all and that is why he says other women are more attractive than you.


If he succeeds in making you believe that you are not attractive, you will have no choice but to humble yourself before him.


You will always be seeking his attention and validation just to make yourself feel great.


Also, you will have no choice but to always depend on him for your emotional support.


If he is toxic, he can manipulate you and control your entire lifestyle.


So, when you notice that your boyfriend compliments other women while he talks negatively about how you look — this is exactly what he wants to achieve.


Don’t fall for that, if you do, he will ruin your self-esteem for good.


5. He focuses so much on other women.

Girls fighting because of a man

If your boyfriend is always complimenting other women whenever you go out with him — he is paying attention to them and not you.


Your boyfriend is attracted to other women and he admits it.


It can be that he is with you only because he hasn’t gotten the chance to be with these beautiful women he talks so highly about.


He is with you for the time being, but if he gets a chance to get hold of these women he compliments; he will either cheat on you with them or leave you for them.


You know your boyfriend better. Just observe how he treats you when you are in public.


When you go out on a date does he focus on you?

Does he hold your hands in public?


If your boyfriend doesn’t focus on you but other women this means you don’t have his attention and it’s likely you will lose him to the women he says are prettier than you.



My boyfriend compliments other girls but not me.

If your boyfriend compliments other girls but not you, it means he doesn’t find you more attractive than them, or it can be that he thinks you know you are pretty and you don’t need his validation.


When your boyfriend thinks you don’t need his compliments when it comes to your physical appearance, he will never compliment you.


It doesn’t matter how hard you work to look amazing, he will look at you and say nothing.


Also, if you discourage your boyfriend from talking positively about your body, he won’t do it.


Do you know how you may have discouraged him from showering you with compliments?


When your boyfriend talks positively about your body but you ignore him or say that he is lying, he will stop doing it.


So, if this is what you have been doing, it’s the reason why he says other girls are amazing but not you.


My boyfriend never compliments my appearance.

A jealous woman looking at her boyfriend texting

If your boyfriend never compliments your physical appearance it can be that he doesn’t think it matters to you, he is not romantic in words or you always ignore them.


What you should know is that he is with you — you are his girlfriend so don’t conclude that he doesn’t find you attractive.


If he never says you are pretty it can be that he just doesn’t think it’s important at all.


But if he knew the benefit of saying these words to you, he wouldn’t have been ignoring them.


Is it okay for my boyfriend to compliment another girl?

If your boyfriend compliments another girl to motivate you to keep on working on improving yourself it’s okay. But if he does it to lower your self-esteem, manipulate you, and hurt your feelings it’s wrong.


You can’t prevent your boyfriend from looking at other girls and complimenting them.


The only thing you can do if it bothers you when he talks highly of other women is to ask him to stop.


If your boyfriend says other women are prettier than you, don’t let it sink in your head because it might change how you perceive yourself.


You are beautiful and that is why he is stuck with you. Don’t let the tricks he pulls make you feel worthless and let him walk all over you.



If your boyfriend compliments other girls and it makes you feel uncomfortable just be honest with him about it.


You have the right to ask him to focus on you when you are out on a date and not looking at other women and commenting on their appearances.


If your boyfriend says another girl is prettier than you, don’t let it occupy your head and make you feel low about yourself.


He is doing that just to make you jealous, and insecure and lower your self-esteem.


You are more beautiful and unique. What you have is what brought him to you and not what he sees in other women.


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