Hey, welcome to my blog. My name is Abduljabbar Ali from Mombasa, Kenya. I have a very different perspective when it comes to how I handle my life. I only focus on the positive vibes to solve my issues.


I do believe that if we all focus on the positive side of things and work to eliminate anything that brings us down, we are likely to walk over any problems facing us.


I started this website with an aim to help people out there realize that there is another way of looking at the problems we encounter in our lives.


When you look at your relationship issues, past life traumas and every single thing that makes you feel unworthy as something that defines you, so will it stick to you.


But if you find a positive angle out of the bad situation you are trying so hard to run from, you are likely to emerge victorious always.


I love positive energy and I always try my best to avoid anything that might turn me away from that.


With me it’s all about good vibes. I hope you can find a means to your issues in this blog.


I only intend to share my honest opinions on how to deal with different relationship problems and maybe in the future the blog might turn out to be a big amazing lifestyle blog.


I welcome you all to vibe with me and share the little joy we get from the people we love and care about in our lives.