What To Do When A Girl Says I Will Think About It

A man thinking about what to do after a girl told him she would think about it

You have approached her and expressed your feelings for her but she told you that she would think about it.


Wondering what you should do when she puts you in this spot? In this article, I will share what you should do about this.


I know how frustrating it can be when you are expecting an immediate answer but she keeps you on hold.


It’s during this period that if you are not careful enough, you might mess things up. At one point or another, you will feel the push to tell you what you want to know.


You will feel like she will end up forgetting about your request. This will force you to constantly be on her shoulder and keep reminding her of what you talked about.


This is a mistake you should avoid and there is more that I will share as we go deeper into this topic.


But before that, let me share with you what it means when a girl asks you to let her think about your proposal.


What does it mean when a girl says she will think about it?

A girl looking curiously

When a girl says she will think about your request/proposal it means she wants time to process the right answer for you. Right now she is unsure of whether to say yes or no. She doesn’t want to give you the wrong answer.


If you have asked her to be your girlfriend since you have feelings for her but she isn’t sure how she feels about you she will not answer you.


She will ask you to give her time to think about it to come up with a conclusion about how she feels for you.


When a girl wants time to think about your request this shows that she is considering it.


The truth is that if she didn’t want anything to do with what you asked of her, she would have told you no on the spot.


Anyway, there is more you need to know about what you should do when a girl tells you that she wants time to evaluate your request.


This is what to do when a girl says she will think about it;

1. Wait patiently for her answer.

A man thinking about what to do after a girl told him she would think about it


When a girl tells you that she wants time to think about your proposal there is nothing you can do but give her time to go through it.


It can be that what you have asked of her is something huge and she just can’t give you an immediate response.


She wants time to process and figure out the best answer to give you.


If it has something to do with you wanting to be in a relationship with her, this is a big decision to make.


She has to sit down and think about what she wants, filter how she feels about you, and figure out what she wants.


This girl doesn’t want to make a decision that will either hurt you or her feelings.


You don’t need to worry about anything if she told you to give her time.


Not all women are the same, you might have come across others who always told you what you wanted to know on the spot.


If she asked you to give her time, just let her have it. You don’t have a big job to do other than wait.


I know it can be hard especially when you have no idea what to expect. But you will have to be patient and get through it.


2. Forget that you are waiting for her response.

After she has told you that she will think about it, you need to forget that you are waiting for an answer from her.


This is what will prevent you from doing things that will make her consider giving you an answer that you didn’t expect.


Focus on something else that matters. Don’t overthink about what she is going to tell you and when she is going to do it.


You have a life to build — your career, your lifestyle, and dreams to chase.


There is no time for you to waste here. Instead of being stuck in her DMs and calling her frequently, use that time to work on yourself.


You have to give her an impression that you are mature, you have things going on in your life and you aren’t desperate though you are into her.


Doing this will probably separate you from the other guys who hit her DMs every single day.


Don’t give her attention simply because you want her to give you the answer you expect.


Work on yourself, focus on yourself and what you are chasing in life.


3. Don’t talk so much with her during the waiting period.

A man in a pullover looking aside

After she has told you that she needs time to think about it, limit your communication with her.


Don’t be the kinda guy who is always calling and texting her since you are expecting an answer from her.


You will end up boring her and this might be the reason she may give you a negative response.


So, instead of spending hours talking to her every single day, reach out to her when you have something important to share.


Talking too much with her will only push you to keep asking her about what you talked about.


You will chat but before the conversation ends you will touch on the subject. This is not a smart way to go about it.


This might make her feel overwhelmed and she might reject you when she doesn’t want to because she will assume you are too much for her to handle.


So, if she has told you that she will think about it, minimize your contact with her.


I am not telling you that you should ignore her because you don’t want her to think you are desperate for her.


If she reaches out — texts or calls you respond. Talk to her nicely but don’t keep pushing her to give you an answer immediately.


4. If she is taking too long remind her.

You have asked her to be your girlfriend and she asked you to let her think about it.


Patiently, you have been waiting for her to give you her response about your proposal.


But it has been over a month but she doesn’t even talk about what you requested of her.


Anyway, how long should you wait when she says she will think about your request?


If it has been over a month and she hasn’t given you the answer you should reach out to her to remind her.


Let her know that you are still waiting for her response after what you talked about.


If you won’t remind her about it she might never give you the answer you wanted.


You will keep waiting for a coconut under an apple tree.


So, let her know you have been patient enough and you would like to know the answer.


If she asked you to give her some time to think about it and she takes more than 2 months don’t dwell on her.


This shows that she doesn’t even think about what you requested of her.


She is not on your radar. What you told her didn’t stick and if she could have given you the answer it could have not been what you expected.


How to respond to I’ll think about it

A man leaning on a mirror

When someone says I will think about it, this is how to respond;


  1. No problem, take your time I won’t pressure you.
  2. I will be waiting to hear from you soon enough.
  3. I know it’s a huge decision to make, take as much time as you want.
  4. You have all the time to think about it.
  5. When you have an answer for me, just get in touch with me.
  6. No pressure, I will be waiting for your call or text when you are ready.
  7. Patience is my virtue, process it all. I will be waiting.
  8. No worries, take your time I am not going anywhere soon.
  9. I don’t take lightly what I have asked of you, take your time.
  10. When you are ready to give me the answer let me know.



When a girl says she will think about it don’t just conclude that she is going to give you a positive answer.


You need to be open-minded and be ready for any response you will get from her.


But if you only expect a positive answer from her and she ends up giving you a negative one, this will wreck you into pieces.


When you are waiting for her response don’t push her, don’t talk too much with her, and don’t keep making more requests even before receiving your first answer.


Let her know that you understand she has to think through everything before she gives you the answer.


Don’t start treating her like a queen expecting that that will change the answer she wants to give you.


If the answer is a NO! It won’t change no matter what you do right now.


Be patient, but if it goes over one month remind her about what you requested of her.


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