When You Ignore A Guy Who Ghosts You What Is He Thinking?

A girl looking at a phone— ignoring a guy who ghosted her

When you leave alone a guy ghosting you several thoughts will run into his mind.


You must know what he is thinking if you want to figure out what to do next after he ghosted you.


What you should know is that men ghost women for several reasons, the moment you can understand better why he suddenly stopped talking to you, there is a chance you can turn things around.


In this article, I will share what goes inside the mind of a guy who ghosts you.


When you leave alone a guy who ghosts you this is what he is thinking;

1. You are hurt.

A girl looking at a phone— ignoring a guy who ghosted her


When a guy ghosts you the first thing that he will expect you to do is run after him.


Most men will ghost women with an intention in mind. They usually believe that when they suddenly stop talking to a woman it will make her start chasing them.


If you used to talk to each other for a while, you have a connection with him that was somewhat strong and he knows that you are deeply in love with him, this is what will run in his mind.


When you stop talking to him, trying means to get hold of him after he ghosted you, the only thing he will conclude is that you are hurt.


You are not happy that he is not talking to you anymore and that is why you are not even trying to get hold of him.


What he expected is that you will start trying means to find out why he ghosted you.


You will pull stunts to get his attention so you know what is going on.


But you did the opposite of that, you went silent and you are not even on his radar anymore.


If he believed that you were so deeply into him, know that he thinks he has hurt you beyond imagination.


You are now somewhere wailing and regretting why you let him into his life.


He believes you are trying to heal yourself, making contact or trying so much to get hold of him will only make things worse for you.


That is why you decided to ignore him. This is what has been running through his head since you decided to leave him alone.


2. You have lots of options and that is why you don’t bother reaching out.

A woman sending a voice note on WhatsApp while driving

Men expect women to be so glued to them—you should only be talking to him and not anymore else.


Especially, if you were in a relationship with him and showed him that you were so much into him, the only thing he expects is that you will always try hard to get his attention.


It’s normal for guys to think that you are into someone else’s when you stop giving them attention.


What you should know is that even guys care so much where their girlfriends point their attention.


When a guy ghosts you he expects that you will do whatever you can to get back to him.


But if you do the opposite and just continue to live your life like nothing has happened yet things aren’t the same he will start suspecting otherwise.


This is when he will assume that the doubts he had about you were true.


For instance, if you were always busy on your phone talking to other people, he would just conclude you had lots of options.


He was not the only guy you had in your life. Now that he has decided to leave your life, it doesn’t bother you at all.


You have so many guys who can be there for you, give you the life you want and that is why it doesn’t even bother you that he stopped talking to you out of nowhere.


If he was the only guy you had in your life, you would have done everything to get hold of him.


You are a woman with a lot of guys who are yearning for your attention. It doesn’t hurt you at all that he has left your life.


Very soon he will be replaced by someone else better.


This is what is running through his mind since you left him alone after he ghosted you.


He is like, “The guy friend she was always talking to isn’t just a friend.”


“I wasn’t her only option, if I was she could have done everything to get back to me.”


3. You are no longer interested in him.

A woman with a white top holding a phone on her right ear

When a guy you care about stops talking to you, what will you conclude?


You will think that he stopped talking to you because he wasn’t interested in you anymore.


What he felt for you changed and that is why he just decided to go silent on you.


This goes to every gender.


People do things in relationships just to get a reaction from their partners, to understand them better, and to make valid conclusions about how they feel.


This guy ghosted you just to get a sense of what you feel about him.


It’s the wrong thing to do! It doesn’t justify what he did. You are not supposed to hurt someone’s feelings just to get an impression of how they feel about you.


He ghosted you but you decide to leave him alone. What he is thinking right now is that you are not interested in him.


If you were truly into him, after he stopped talking to you suddenly, you would have done everything possible to get hold of him.


You would have wanted to know why he ghosted you, and how he feels and thinks about you.


That is not what you are doing at all. You don’t even bother to get in touch with him.


The only thing you do is just push your life like nothing happened to you.


Deep inside his head, he believes that you were never in love with him.


You were with him because he was of use when he was around. He gave you what you wanted.


He wasn’t a guy you would give everything to and that is why you decided to leave him alone.


The moment a guy expects you to start chasing him after he has ghosted you and you end up doing the opposite, he will just conclude you aren’t into him.


4. You are not entirely attached to him.

Men expect women to form attachments when they are in a relationship with them.


When you are attached to someone you will always want to be around them no matter what happens.


If some issues are pulling the two of you apart, you will try your best to get rid of them and fix the relationship.


The moment you are attached to someone it won’t sit well with you if they stop talking to you.


When you leave alone a guy who ghosts you, it’s enough for him to conclude that you were not attached to him.


The connection you shared wasn’t that strong enough to trigger the effects he was expecting.


The bond wasn’t that deep and that is why you ignored him when he ghosted you instead of you trying to get his attention and find out why he did it.


This is what he is thinking now that you have decided to leave him alone even after what has happened.


What do you expect when you stop talking to a guy who is deeply in love with you?


You would expect that he will do everything he can to get closer to you, find out what is wrong, and work things out between the two of you.


It’s the same thing a guy expects from a woman who is deeply in love with her.


You didn’t do any of that when he ghosted you, that gave him a reason to conclude you aren’t entirely attached to him.


5. He doesn’t have any influence over you.

A woman texting at night   while sitting on a sofa

Guys usually think that when they are capable of giving a woman what she wants, they will influence her.


They look at what they can provide to a woman and gauge their value from there.


That is why some rich men will always be choosy when a woman comes and expresses her feelings to them.


They will start asking if she came to them because she realized she can get what she wants from them or if it’s true that she is into them.


A guy with his status, who has his life figured out and is chasing big goals in life will conclude that he will always influence any woman.


His status should mean something to you and it should be the reason why you always want to be around him.


He gives you everything you want; money, fame, sex, and confidence to walk before other women.


This guy expects that his status should mean something to you.


If it’s true that he took care of you financially and gave you anything you wanted but you ignored him when ghosted you, he thinks that his status didn’t mean anything to you.


You are not enticed by what he offered. Your relationship with him wasn’t only based on what he gave you.


This is the same reason why you don’t even bother to get his attention, reach out and find out why he ghosted you.


You don’t need what he offers and you can surely do great by yourself without his help.


6. You are emotionally independent.

If you have been the kind of a girl who he believes you were so into him and it happened that after he ghosted you you didn’t even reach out to him, this is what he is thinking; you are emotionally independent.


Most men expect women to depend on men for their emotional support and happiness.


They say that they want women to be emotionally strong but that is not the case.


Men love it when women can’t do anything without them. They enjoy it when they see women so deeply into them to the extent that they can’t do anything without them.


It’s every man’s dream to be chased by a woman he loves.


When you are too independent it comes out to a man that you don’t entirely need him because you can take care of yourself.


You are good on your own. To be honest, men don’t like it when women are super independent. It intimidates them.


When a guy ghosts you and instead of trying to get him back you just handle your life as if nothing has happened between the two of you, he will conclude you are emotionally independent.


You don’t rely on him for your happiness at all. The joy, vibe, and energy that keeps you going is from within you and it’s not influenced by him.


This is enough for him to conclude that you are a super-strong woman. You can handle it all and you don’t need a man’s help.



When a guy ghosts you the best thing to do is to ignore him.


You shouldn’t bother reaching out to him because what he did is just disrespectful and it shows how he perceives you.


A guy who truly cares about you will have the courage to tell you why he doesn’t want to talk to you.


He will let you know when he wants to walk out of your life.


Don’t be concerned about what he is thinking when you ignore him after he has ghosted you.


It doesn’t matter what he thinks of you right now. You haven’t done anything wrong.


He doesn’t want anything to do with you and that is why he has ghosted you. You have the right to just let him go.


You can’t force him to be in touch with you when doesn’t feel like doing it.


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